jetOPTIMUS Transfection Reagent 0,1 mL

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General Information
Description jetOPTIMUS® : Best-in-class DNA transfection reagent jetOPTIMUS® is a powerful transfection reagent that improves cellular uptake and endosomal escape of DNA in adherent cells (even in hard-to-transfect cells) resulting in higher transfection efficiency. In order to work in relevant physiological conditions, transfection with jetOPTIMUS® requires a minimum DNA quantity and reagent volume to keep an excellent cell viability and morphology. -Highly efficient: reach maximal gene expression in hard-to-transfect cells -Cost-effective: use minimum reagent volume and DNA quantity -Biologically relevant: keep an excellent cell viability & morphology -Time-saving: transfect with an optimized ready-to-use protocol Cell Transfection database: for an online access to the tested and validated cell lines

Product Information

Purchasing Information
Certification RUO
French code (NACRES) NA.55
UNSPSC code 41106502
Country of origin (manufacturing) FR
EU customs code 38220000
Vendor country FR
Human origin No
Brand Polyplus Transfection
Product properties
Supplier category 1 Life science research
Marketing brochures
Videos - tutorials
Product presentation
Product composition Chemically defined , Animal origin free
Supplier category 3 jetOPTIMUS
Component properties 0,1 mL transfection reagent + 10 mL buffer
Technical presentation
Scientific Articles & Reviews
Customers reviews
Molecular type Plasmid
Validated cell lines Established Cell Lines
Transfection techniques Chemical reagents
Shelf-life (months) 12
Shipping temperature RT
Storage temperature +4°C
Applications Gene expression , Genome Editing

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