Pipette tips 1000 microl low retention with filter (1 rack of 96 tips) Trial Size - Prix soumis à évolution

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  • 1 rack of 96 tips

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General Information

Product Information

Purchasing Information
Certification CE/IVD
French code (NACRES) NB.02
UNSPSC code 13102022
Country of origin (manufacturing) CN
EU customs code 39269097
Vendor country FR
Human origin No
Brand CRG
Product properties
Datasheet/manual http://images.bio.ozyme.fr/Web/OZYME/{bbe90e3f-4350-4520-a2a4-1d2a187571fe}_pipette-tips-1000ul-low-retention-with-filter-technical-data-sheet.pdf
Marketing brochures http://images.bio.ozyme.fr/Web/OZYME/{2dee4b83-9867-4840-9b7e-9786e1dfd8c2}_crg-pipette-tips-plastiques-compatibilite.pdf
Shelf-Life (months) 24
Shipping temperature RT
Storage temperature RT

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