Spectrophotomètre NanoDrop ONE avec WiFi (remplace la réf ND-ONE/D)

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General Information

Product Information

Purchasing Information
Certification RUO
French code (NACRES) SE.13
UNSPSC code 41115406
Country of origin (manufacturing) US
EU customs code 84211920
Vendor country US
Human origin No
Target Details
Other names nanodrop one, spectrophotometrie microgoutte, microvolume, spectrophotometry, UV spectrophotometer, spectrophotométre, dosage ADN, dosage ARN, dosage protéine
Brand Thermofischer
Product properties
Maximum Concentration 27 500 ng/μl (dsDNA)
Sensitivity 2ng/μl (dsDNA)
Product presentation https://yris.ozyme.fr/nad-nanodrop-spectrophotometre-uv-visible
Supplier category 3 D3E
Marketing brochures https://yris.ozyme.fr/nad-brochure
Videos - tutorials https://yris.ozyme.fr/nad-video-tuto
Applications notes https://yris.ozyme.fr/nad-application-note
Wavelenght range 190-850 nm
Loading volume 1-2 μl
Embedded computer Yes
Light source UV , White light , Xenon flash lamp
Device throughput 1 sample
Display Touch-screen
Shipping temperature NA
Storage temperature NA
Applications Bacterial cell growth measure (OD600) , Contaminant identification , Proteins quantification , RNA quantification , DNA quantification

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