Transglutaminase Activity Assay Kit (Colorimetric) (BN00800)

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General Information
Description Transglutaminase Activity Assay Kit (Colorimetric) Transglutaminases (EC are calcium dependent enzymes that catalyze the post-translational modification of proteins by formation of isopeptide bonds. This occurs either through protein cross-linking via formation of glutamyl-lysine bonds or through incorporation of primary amines at selected peptide-bound glutamine residues. The transglutaminase enzyme family comprises the intracellular forms (TG1, TG3 and TG5) expressed mostly in the epithelial tissue; TG2 which is both intracellular and extracellular and expressed in various tissue types; TG4 which is expressed in the prostate gland; factor XIII which is expressed in blood; TG6 and TG7, whose tissue distribution is unknown and band 4.2 (lacking enzymatic activity) which is present on erythrocyte membranes. Transglutaminases also exhibit GTPase, phosphodiesterase and protein kinase activity. Transglutaminases are associated with certain neurological and autoimmune disorders and also cancer. Assay Genie's Transglutaminase Activity Assay kit utilizes the deamidation reaction of the transglutaminase enzyme with a donor and acceptor substrate resulting in the formation of a hydroxamate product. The hydroxamate product reacts with the Stop Solution forming a purple complex that can be measured colorimetrically at 525 nm. The limit of quantification of this assay is ~10 µU or 80 ng of recombinant hTG2 enzyme.                     (a)     (b) window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS || new Array(); window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS.push({ hoverImage: '', uuid: 's-f0dfc1b5-94b1-4a1d-abc5-6f0f60b31b0e' }) window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS || new Array(); window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS.push({ hoverImage: '', uuid: 's-44292b64-bbd8-4f1f-8ebe-c5ce105dcf38' }) Figure (a) Hydroxamate Standard Curve. (b) Transglutaminase activity in HepG2 cells (human hepatoblastoma cell line) and rat liver lysate: HepG2 cells were stimulated with vehicle (DMSO), IL6 (1 µM), Dexamethasone (DXM -1 µM), or with IL6 (1µM) and DXM (1 µM). Approximately 250 µg protein was used for determining transglutaminase activity in cells and tissue lysate. Activity is expressed as nmoles of product formed in 2h and is normalized to the protein amount. Assays were performed following the kit protocol. *HepG2 cells have similar intrinsic Transglutaminase activity in the presence or absence of vehicle control (DMSO). Key Information Description Product SKU BN00800 Size 100 assays Detection Method Absorbance (525 nm) Applications Measurement of Transglutaminase activity Features and Benefits Simple, rapid & convenient The assay can detect transglutaminase activity ~10 µU or 80 ng of recombinant hTG2 enzyme Kit Components TG Assay Buffer Homogenization Buffer (10x) 1M DTT Donor Substrate Acceptor Substrate Hydroxamate Standard Stop Solution Positive Control Plate Sealer Storage Conditions -20°C Shipping Conditions Gel Pack USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.

Product Information

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Certification RUO
French code (NACRES) NA.84
UNSPSC code 41116100
EU customs code 30021010
Vendor country IE
Human origin No
Brand Assay Genie
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Supplier category 2 Neuroscience
Supplier category 1 Assay Genie
Supplier category 3 ASSAY
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Research area Neuroscience
Shelf-life (months) 12
Shipping temperature +4°C
Storage temperature -20°C

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