xGen™ Exome Research Panel v2, 4 rxn

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General Information
Description Panel de capture ciblant l'Exome - 4 captures - Recommandation de 1 à 12 échantillons / capture, soit un maximum de 48 échantillons pour ce panel - Livré en 1 tube - 415 115 sondes ciblant 19 433 gènes (39 Mb génome humain) - Processus de fabrication certifié ISO13485 (IVD grade) - Nécéssite des produits complémantaires : xGen® Hybridization and Wash Kit, xGen® Universal Blockers (TruSeq ou Nextera), xGen® Library Amplification Primer Mix, Human Cot DNA (optionel), Nuclease Free Water & IDTE

Product Information

Purchasing Information
Certification RUO
French code (NACRES) NA.54
UNSPSC code 41105324
Country of origin (manufacturing) BE
EU customs code 3822000002
Vendor country BE
Human origin No
Brand Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)
Product properties
Datasheet/manual https://sfvideo.blob.core.windows.net/sitefinity/docs/default-source/protocol/xgen-hybridization-capture-of-dna-libraries.pdf?sfvrsn=ab880a07_16
MSDS https://sfvideo.blob.core.windows.net/sitefinity/docs/default-source/safety-data-sheet/modified-non-radioactive-dna-oligo.pdf?sfvrsn=38b83707_12
Marketing brochures https://sfvideo.blob.core.windows.net/sitefinity/docs/default-source/flyer/idt_xgen-exome-research-panel-v2.pdf?sfvrsn=fda61707_10
Molecular type Oligo , DNA
Sequencing methods Targeted sequencing , Next Gen Sequencing , Whole Genome Sequencing , Exome sequencing
Shelf-life (months) 12
Shipping temperature RT
Storage temperature -20°C
Applications NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)

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