ASTERIA Single-Cell RNA-seq kit v1.0

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General Information

From the initial cell suspension, the Asteria Single-Cell RNA-seq Benchtop Kit enables affordable and straightforward instrument-free single-cell cDNA preparation at the workbench. Only basic laboratory skills and equipment are needed to examine up to four samples of 10,000 individual cells with each kit, enabling parallel experiments.

  • Up to 10,000 cells simultaneously
  • User-friendly & instrument-free
  • mRNA capture with barcoded beads in 2 hours
  • Highest quality scRNA-seq data
  • Intuitive analysis with cloud-based software

Scipio’s novel RevGel-seq technology bypasses the need for microfluidics and nano-wells, allowing the kit-based protocol to be completed entirely on the workbench. mRNA are captured with barcoded beads in two hours and cDNA ready for library preparation by the end of the day are generated. All kit users have free access to the Cytonaut Single-Cell RNA-seq Analysis Software, making single-cell profiling within reach of the entire genomics research community.

Informations produit

Purchasing Information
Certification RUO
French code (NACRES) NA.55
UNSPSC code 41105903
Country of origin (manufacturing) FR
EU customs code 38220000
Vendor country FR
Human origin No
Brand Scipio Bioscience
Product properties
Marketing brochures
Source/sample type Single cell , Cell lines , Cells tissue
Nucleic acid type mRNA
Technical presentation
Specie compatibility Human; Mammalian
Library preparation workflow cDNA synthesis
Sequencing methods mRNA-Seq
Platform compatibility Illumina platform
Shelf-Life (months) 9
Shipping temperature -80°C
Storage temperature -20°C

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