Rabbit anti-QSK Ab, Affinity Purified

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  • 100 μl (1 mg/ml)
  • 100 μl (10 blots)
  • 20 μl (2 blots)

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General Information
Description Salt-inducible kinase 3 (SIK3), also known as QSK, is a member of a subfamily of serine/threonine protein kinases related to AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). The family consists of SIK1, SIK2, and SIK3. Although SIK3 is ubiquitously expressed, the SIK kinases are suggested to regulate signal transduction specifically in adrenal and adipose tissues.

Informations produit

Purchasing Information
Certification RUO
French code (NACRES) NA.41
UNSPSC code 12352203
Country of origin (manufacturing) US
EU customs code 30021010
Vendor country US
Human origin No
Target Details
Other names L19, QSK, salt-inducible kinase 3, serine/threonine-protein kinase QSK, serine/threonine-protein kinase SIK3, SIK-3
Immunogen sequence between 900 and 950
NCBI (gene ID) 23387
Uniprot Q9Y2K2
Brand Bethyl Laboratories
Product properties
Supplier category 2 Primary Antibodies
Supplier category 1 Primary Antibodies
Type of Ig Whole molecule IgG (H+L)
MSDS https://www.bethyl.com/product/sds/A302-455A_SDS.pdf
Supplier category 3 PAB
Datasheet/manual https://www.bethyl.com/content/protocols
Marketing brochures https://www.bethyl.com/content/resources
Videos - tutorials https://yris.ozyme.fr/bet-video-tuto
Clonality Polyclonal
Conjugate / tag non conjugated
Host Rabbit
Immunogen between 900 and 950
isotype (antibody class) IgG
Validated reactivity Human , Mouse
Technical presentation http://www.bethyl.com/product/A302-455A
Recombinant antibodies No
Shelf-Life (months) 12
Shipping temperature +4°C
Storage temperature +4°C
Applications WB (Western Blot) , IP ( Immuno Precipitation)

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